Here's something I've used for years. It's usually sold in electronics stores to make replacement knobs on radios but it has thousands of other uses. Besides fixing broken glasses frames and other plastic items, you can use it to clone items you already have. Here's an example.
Suppose you have some odd shoes high heeled shoes for your Cissy, Cissette, Miss Revlon or any of a dozen high heeled dolls. Making the other shoe wouldn't be bad if you just had another one of those little plastic heels. Now you can make them in a few minutes. Here's how.

Coat the heel you have with liquid soap to lubricate the surface. Use your glue gun to totally cover the heel.
When the glue cools, you can pull out the original heel and now you have a mold.
Fill the mold with the Plas-T-Pair powder.
Use the included eye dropper to saturate the powder with the Plas-T-Pair liquid.
Stir the mixture with a toothpick being careful to get into the corners.
In a few minutes, the Plas-T-Pair is rock hard and you can lift your cloned heel out of the mold.
An emory board can be used to trim it if necessary and you can use model paint to match the color of the other heel.

It can also be used to make replacement buttons, buckles, and many other plastic accessories
as well as repairing furniture, optical frames, clocks, fishing tackle, toys, hair brushes,
aircraft, leather and wood, so if you run out of things to make for your dolls, there's a lot of
other things you can do with it!
For other applications, here is a scan of the directions that come in the kit:

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