This Old Doll's
Velvet and Feathers

Magenta gown with gold braid and gold oil cloth centersnap shoes. Floss hair, all hard plastic. Originally the doll had short lace gloves, rayon socks and no feathers. She's pictured on page 96 of Polly and Pam Judd's Hard Plastic Dolls, II. I didn't like large purse, the shoulder treatment, the rayon socks, the short lace gloves, or the bukly belt that ruined the line of the gown, so I modified the trim and gave her new accessories. The description in the book said the gown had feathers and I think they really enhance the look. Excpet for the addition of the feathers and gold hair clip, hose and long gloves, everything on her is original, but the look is quite a bit different. Her light muslin skip has a hoop. SHe's all hard plastic and 14" tall. The doll and gown are flawless.

As she was originally, her value would be $250-$300.

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