This Old Doll's
Sweet Sue Sophisticate

She's an 18" Sweet Sue Sophisticate. Hard plastic with vinyl forearms and hands and vinyl-covered (gauntlet) upper arms. She is a walker, jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips. Her feet are flat; not arched for high heels. Her Saran wig is rooted into a vinyl scalp that was fitted into her hard plastic head. She was made about 1956. Value? Well, Sweet Sue was an exceptionally high quality doll but they were very popular and quite expensive (remember a middle class family of four only spent about $20 a week on groceries in the 50s) so $20 for a doll was very expensive. Little girls treasured them and a lot of them have survived in really good condition so they're not particularly rare. The books say one in this condition should be worth about $350 but when I sold her, I was happy to take $250.
Value: $250.00+

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