Custom crafted from the finest leather, these little shoes are fashioned after the original shoes that belonged to the Ideal Toni, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Arranbee, Effanbee, Alexander, Ideal and other hard plastic and composition dolls of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I have a few hundred dolls that all let me use their feet to make and model shoes. If you need shoes for a particular composition or hard plastic doll of the 30s, 40s or 50s, chances are good that I have one with feet I can use for lasts. If I don't have an example of your doll, you can mail me a tracing around your doll's foot and I'll find one with feet the same size.

Shirley Temple center snaps and Patsy side snaps are the most popular shoes I make and I have Shirley in all sizes from 11" to 27" and Patsy from Patsyette to Patsy Ann. To order shoes for these dolls, just let me know the model and make of your doll, its height and the color. It you have a photo of your barefooted doll and know of a photo on line or in a book of the outfit you'll be putting on her, I can probably duplicate the shoes that outfit originally had.

Please Click Here to write me to ask about getting shoes or a wig made for your doll: Write about Shoes or Wigs (It might take a minute to bring up your mail program so please wait!)
Patsy Family - Patsyette to Patsy Ann Some Shirley Temples - need to get a newer picture. This doesn't show the 25" and the 27" is in the hospital but her legs are good to model. :-)

Leather Colors:
Cream, Black, Oxblood Red, Brown, Black, Bright Red, White (not recommended for compo dolls), Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Pale Pink
Other Colors Custom Dyed for $5 additional.

Pale Blue, Light Blue, Pale Pink, Cream, Black, Taupe, Lt. Green, Yellow

If you don't see what you need, please write and ask! Price:
$35.00 /pr* for dolls 18" and smaller
$45.00 /pr* for dolls larger than 18"
*Plus Shipping via Priority Mail (usually $5.00 for at least three pairs.)

To Order:
Please send Email to or
to let me know the doll and the style and color she needs.

Payment: Visa or Mastercard through Pay Pal is preferred, (I can send an invoice and no need for you to have a Pay Pal account) but money order is fine.

Some of the shoes I've made over the years.

Silver Leather Side Snap for Flat-Footed Fashion Doll Black Leather Baby Oxford Horsman Tickles Compo Baby

Slippers for Alexander Marybel Alexander Flora McFlimsey Alexander Princess Elizabeth

Baby Oxfords for Effanbee Sweetie Pie Ranger Boots for Shirley Temple Black Leather and Red Suede for Alexander Marybel Kelly

Cream leather Skates for Sonja Silver Leather Skates for Sonja Alexander Maggie Teen (Fabric)

Saddle Oxfords for 14" Maggie Black Side Snaps for 14" Little Women Margaret and Maggie Mold Satin Ballet Slippers

Satin Ankle Strap Center Snaps Blue Suede Kiltie Front for Arranbee Debuteen Side Snap Mary Janes for 21" Compo Margaret O'Brien

Cut Work Side Snaps for Effanbee Anne Shirley Brown Kilty Front for Deanna Durban Skis for Mary Hoyer

Leather Ice Skate; Pot Metal Blades for Mary Hoyer Leather 2-Tone Oxford for Grumpy Baby Judy Garland Dorothy Black Leather Kiltie Front

McGuffy Anna (Oxblood) 50s Shirley Temple 10" Block Doll/Littlest Angel

14" Alexander/Sweet Sue/R&B/Hoyer Black Suede 14" Alexander/Sweet Sue/R&B Pink Satin 14" Arranbee Nancy Lee

Hary Hartline or Anne Shirley Boots Patsy Ann Compo Snow White