This Old Doll's Boutique

Lois started using the name "Toniwear" a long time ago and can copy just about any original Toni dress you can find in a reference book. She hasn't limited her talents to just the Ideal Toni in years, though. Many of the outfits on my dolls in the photo gallery were made by Lois. You might recognize them in a few of these photos. ThisOldDoll is dedicated to dolls of the 30s, 40s and 50s but Lois will sew for any child doll she has or that you can send to her. (Sorry but she doesn't like to do gowns or clothes for hi-heeled dolls.)

It would be impossible to picture everything she's made over the years and could make again. Even if we could, it wouldn't represent what is available thanks to her amazing talent. I'm pretty picky about the details and she's never let me down. All her outfits are made-to-order, so if there's an outfit in a book for a doll you have but only wished your doll was dressed in it, Lois can probably make it for you.

You can write her at and you can visit her site, to see more. We'll be posting new outfits there as she completes them.

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