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Fashions by Ms Donnie at Petite Modiste

At the moment, This Old Doll doesn't have any dresses for sale however,
my friend Donnie at Petite Modiste has been making some wonderful clothes for our vintage dolls.
At the right is one of her latest creations. Shown below are her duplications of original dresses Miss Revlon. She also makes fabulous hats because we know a laday of the 50s would never leave the house before 5:00 PM without her hat!

All of her work is made to order and Miss Revlon and the fashion dolls are only a small part of the dolls she sews for. She also duplicates the Alexander, Arranbee, and American Character gowns and outfits of the 40s, 50s and 60s, Mary Hoyer, Terri Lee, Marybell (Kelly, Polyanna), Cissy just to name a few.

While her site is temporarily down, you can write to her at and she'll be happy to email photos of dresses she's made.
Her site should be back up soon and then you will be able to click here to see more from this tallented seamstress!
Petite Modiste
Some of the Shirley Dresses from Patti at Old B Dolls

When it comes to dressing your composition Shirley Temple, nobody does a better job of duplicating the old dresses like Patti at OldBDolls An accomplished seamstress, she not only makes her patterns from examples of the original dresses, but she prints and dyes her fabric!

As the name suggests, Lois at Toniwear makes wonderful replicas and original variations of the P-9x Toni outfits but she also makes dresses, coats and other accessories for dolly children and young ladies such as Alexander's Maggie, Margaret, Binnie Walker, the effanbee children, and any other doll who needs a new dress for school, play or a party. All her outfits are made-to-order, so write her at
Her work is exceptional! Here are some pictures of dresses she's made recently.
To see more of her work, please click here Toniwear
Patterns from Best Vintage Doll Patterns

If these dresses have inspired you to drag out the sewing machine and dress your own dolls, here's a source for patterns from the days the dolls were made. With them you can duplicate the original outfits your dolls had or you can dream up something new for them!
Click here to see Louise's full line of vintage patterns!
Best Vintage Doll Patterns

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